Friday 29 January 2016

Meet Rocko: He’s A Great Dane,7 Feet Tall;Vying For Guinness World Records As The World’s Tallest Dog.

Rocko might be the world’s tallest dog.The two-year-old giant pet hasn't stopped growing and has a good appetite - he can munch about eight cups of dog food a day and loves snacks like jerky, according to its owners Nick Helms and Jessica Williams.

“We had no idea he was going to be this freakishly large,” Williams said.

But despite all the pitfalls of living with the large dog in their small two bed apartment, the couple from Nevada, U.S., said they’re happy to have this giant friend “with a good heart and good stomach.”

Rocko cruising around with the owner.

The young Rock shall grow.

Rocko watching TV with the owner

The great Rocko playing... 


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