Saturday 23 January 2016

Apple Car: Be The First Nigerian To win The Exotic Car

Be the first Nigerian to win or buy exotic Apple Car even as Steve Zadesky, the 16-year Apple employee in charge of Apple's still-unconfirmed electric car plans, has quit the company, the Wall Street Journal reports.
The departure was due to personal reasons, says the report, citing an unnamed source.
Zadesky, formerly involved with the iPod and iPhone teams, is said to have been placed in charge of Project Titan, the Apple electric car project, in 2014. 
Importantly, the report also indicates that engineers on Project Titan are hitting setbacks beyond merely the departure of Zadesky — Apple's top brass is reportedly being unclear on the project's goals and asking for unrealistic deadlines.
While the company has yet to announce a car, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently described Apple's plans for an electric car as an "open secret" in the industry, even as Apple hires ex-Tesla engineer and other experts to further its automotive ambitions.
Project Titan is said to have a ship date of 2019, though as the report notes that in Apple parlance, "ship date" just means that this could be when Apple engineers finalize the features and design of the car.
Source: Business Insider





The guy leading the Apple Car reportedly just quit

Steve Zadesky, the 16-year Apple employee...

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