Saturday 23 January 2016

Kevin Hart Explains How Will Smith Inspires Him

Kevin Hart, a man who seems to have a limitless amount of celebrity friends, wrote a sweet love letter to Will Smith on Instagram, citing him as an inspiration.
“Will Smith is what I refer to as a “Philly Hero”… This man motivated the s**t out of me,” Hart wrote. “The reason why is because he did the things that no other actor would do, he travelled the world doing all kinds of relentless promotion for all of his projects.”
Perhaps this is what inspired Kevin Hart’s lifelong vacation.
“He shook hands and expressed how much he appreciated all of his supporters all over the world and he later became the international super star that he is now,” Hart continues. “But I love that he did it with nothing but hard work and dedication and determination. Thanks for laying down the blueprint for me man…I’m honestly following in your footsteps and trying to make my city just as proud of me as they are for you!!!!”
In the video accompanying the post, Hart and Smith ham it up for fans on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. For whatever reason, it’s set to Meek Mill’s “Maybach Curtains.”
We’d say let’s get these two in a buddy movie, but literally each one of Kevin Hart’s last three movies has been a buddy film and maybe it’s time for something new.

Source: Yahoo

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