Wednesday 25 November 2015

Photos Of The 500 Nigerians Deported From The UK.

About 500 deportees arrived at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport this morning on a chartered flight from London.

Many of them have been deported over illegal stay permits.
Many of them who were allowed to speak to newsmen complained of the way they were handled by the British authorities, alleging that majority of them were not even allowed take their belongings before being deported.
It has been reported that the authorities plans to deport 29,000 Nigerians.
The Acting Nigerian High Commissioner in London, Olukunle Bamgbose, said. “I think about 29,000 Nigerians have been designated to be deported.
“We are insisting that due process must be followed before Nigerians are really removed from the UK to Nigeria,’’ he said.
He gave four conditions that should be met by the UK immigration office before the commission could accept the migration and deportation agenda.
“First, we must ensure that they are really Nigerians; they are medically fit to travel; all the legal processes must have been completed and that they have role to play in Nigeria.
“You do not expect someone who has not been to Nigeria for 30 years to 40 years, and does not have any family and you want to deport him.
“He will constitute social problems to us in Nigeria; so these are the sore points at this moment that we have,’’ the envoy said.
Mr. Bamgbose noted that in spite of the challenge, the relationship between Nigeria and UK had deepened, adding that the UK is ready to engage with Nigerians in various aspects, in defence, immigration, trade and investment.
“In 2012 trade volume between the two countries was about four billion pounds, which has doubled now.
“But with what we now have British investors are ready to move into Nigeria in a massive way.
“I expect that in the next two to three years the trade volume will triple and go to about 12 billion pound or even more.”
Mr. Bamgbose attributed the rise to the new confidence the foreign investors had in Nigeria and the new administration.
“The willingness of the British businessmen to even want to come to Nigeria is very important.
“Because, hitherto, the way we were running the government they did not have that confidence in government.
“They are not really sure whether they can go into Nigeria and invest.
“Now with the new administration, what they believe the new administration can do and the fidelity with which the new administration has brought to governance that is the first thing.
“You have to have the confidence of those who are going to Nigeria to invest and I think with what is going on now they are very confident that they can go into Nigeria and invest,’’ he said.
“But since the new administration came in we have found our bounce, there is that diplomatic bounce once again.
“One the Federal Government has taken the batch on the Boko Haram, they are being decimated; also the energy problem is being addressed frontally also again the issue of graft is also being addressed.
“We have found our bounce and as diplomats here we are going to engage our colleagues from other countries without necessarily being apologetic by our country,’’ he added.


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