Saturday, 6 February 2016

South Africa Ready To Deport More Nigerians

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A report has emerged saying that South African government is set to deport thousands of Nigerian Citizens in the country.
According to Daily Sun newspaper, South African Police rounded up Nigerian nationals living in Kempton Park in an early morning raid and been transferred to Lindela Prison.

The prison is reportedly a deportation centre which in theory is the last address of anybody brought there before they are deported from South Africa.
One of the wrongfully detained Nigerian who spoke to the newspaper said other persons in the prison are Zimbabweans and Congolese nationals.
“We are beaten and dehumanized by the South Africa Police who told us that they hate Nigeria and her Citizens. They have refused to renew our papers , our lives are in serious danger because they have resorted to drugging the foods they bring to us.
“As Nigerians, we face constant police brutality and hatred. It is sad that we are going through this harrowing experiences because we are Nigerian nationals.”

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