Monday 20 February 2017

Real Facts about TRS Gari and Nigerian Garri.

 TRS Gari is different from Nigerian Garri.
TRS Gari is imported into Nigeria for Indians Living in Nigeria.
TRS Gari is for making puddings, cakes and breads and you can't Drink it nor Use it for Eba(Swallow).

Nigerian Garri is for Eba, you can also soak and drink it especially Ijebu Garri and White Igbo Garri.
I Hope Nigerians will Stop Confusing TRS Gari and Nigerian Garri.

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    We would one more time like to express profound gratitude to all organisations, groups and individuals that rose in outright condemnation of the bizarre Indian garri sale in Nigeria.

    Our collective and concerted efforts got the attention of NAFDAC which has gone ahead to seize the product and have proceeded for some scientific analysis of the unlicensed product. This for sure is a victory for public opinion and a model worthy of both emulation and replication in almost every sector of our National lives. It is high time we realised the power of togetherness and indeed unified action especially against the flagrant abuses of our people and the demeaning of our nation and national pride.

    Let's all realise that wether good or bad, this is our one and only country, in the actual sense of the word. Let's speak out loud against anything that potends even the least of treath to our collective heritage, and existence as a people.

    We believe that the task of nation building is and must be a collective task that goes beyond the activities of the few people that hold the reins of governance.

    Let's join hands together and build. Nigeria can, and in fact will be great again.

    Adeniyi Sola Bunmi
    Executive Director
    Natural Nutrient Limited